Orbit: #ArtSunday

Dedicated to my girlfriend Julie, who had surgery this week and who loves marbles as much as I do.

I’ve been working on a little series. I have always loved glasswork of any sort, and marbles have fascinated me since I was a kid. My macro lens provides me with a chance to explore this interest in new ways. Here are a few selections from the set.

Apollo 18. I did five variations here. This one – the original – seems to have been the favorite of a majority of people expressing an opinion.

Apollo 18 - original process

Apollo 18 – original process

This treatment also got some votes.

Apollo 18 - Blue w/ select color

Apollo 18 – Blue w/ select color

If you like these, you can see the rest of the Apollo 18 set over at 5280 Lens Mafia.

Carnivale. One of the simplest shots in the set.



Transit. The first shot in the series. I think it’s Julie’s favorite.



Silver Screen. This may be my personal fave of the lot.

Silver Screen

Silver Screen

You can see all the shots in my marbles series at 5280LM, as well as a great one from our own Dr. Denny, who was a killer shooter before I even knew what photography was.

I hope you have something as silly as this to geek out on. Indulge what you love and find the beauty in it. Happy #ArtSunday.

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