Visa review makes clear: Trump doesn't think Americans are capable of greatness

Time to nominate a Handicapper General.

Here’s President Donald’s plan to make America #1: ban the competition.

Trump to order review of visa program to encourage hiring Americans

President Donald Trump on Tuesday will order federal agencies to look at tightening a temporary visa program used to bring high-skilled foreign workers to the United States, as he tries to carry out his campaign pledges to put “America First.”

Trump will sign an executive order on enforcing and reviewing the H-1B visa, popular in the technology industry, on a visit to the headquarters of Snap-On Inc, a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, senior administration officials said.

He will also use what the White House called the “Buy American and Hire American” order to seek changes in government procurement that would boost purchases of American products in federal contracts, with one aim being to help U.S. steelmakers.

See, if I were president, I’d dump massive resources into education so we’d have all the best talent.

But Trump’s approach tells you how little he thinks of the nation he allegedly governs. This move is patronizing and condescending as hell. It says Americans aren’t capable of being excellent without a finger on the scale. So you’re fifth best? Here, let me deport the four best. Now you’re #1.

Making America great again. Because that’s how we became great to start with, right?

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  • I can google up articles about this – but it’s very common in tech to use H1B to bring over lower paid workers, tease them with green cards and threaten to send them home if they get “uppity.” And then lay off (mostly older) Americans who maybe just need a little bit of training to get over the moves to new tech platforms. Unless it’s all posturing for his base (likely) the tech industry will not go along with this, uh, technique of theirs.

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