Alamo Drafthouse / Wonder Woman sexism controversy: let’s have a men-only talk

Hey guys, let’s talk about this outrage man to man.

Alamo Drafthouse is having women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. And across the country people of the male persuasion are losing their minds because it’s sexist.


Okay, let’s talk calmly, man to man, for just a second. It doesn’t bother me at all, so I need to understand why you’re upset.

If these screenings bother you, why? What do you think is going to happen in that theater? Do you think it threatens you? If so, why are you threatened? I don’t want to insult you, but … what kind of man feels threatened by women watching a movie without him? Women do things without men millions of times a day already. They go to lunch. My girlfriend is in a women-only book club. There are lots of stores where men could go, but rarely do. Have you ever been in a Bath & Body Works?

I mean, churches have women-only Sunday School classes, right? For that matter, there are probably plenty of times where they go to movies and there are no guys there at all.

More importantly, though, and this is critical: are you outraged by men-only activities and organizations? For instance, up until 2012 Augusta National Golf Club – home of the Masters (which was awesome this year, wasn’t it?) – refused to admit women. I need to know if the decision to allow women, driven by intense media scrutiny, a) pissed you off, or b) made you happy because you thought it was unfair to exclude women?

Are you outraged by the fact that there remain male-exclusive clubs around the country, or do you think people have a right to congregate as they choose (and do you think businesses have a right to operate as they see fit)? If you are bothered by men-only clubs, why have I not heard your outrage like I am this morning?

How about this – there are a number of women’s colleges in the US. Are you outraged by them? If so, why have I not heard you railing against the existence of Wabash College, Hampden-Sydney College and Morehouse College?

What about sororities? American universities are home to dozens of women-only social organizations, like XO, KKΓ, ΔΔΔ, ΑΟΠ and ΑΓΔ.

Were you outraged by Gamergate? Were you outraged by the sexism scandal at Uber? Were you outraged by President Donald’s primer on how to grab ’em by the pussy?

Are you outraged by the fact that we live in a society where the woman on the wrong end of this sort of thing might be your wife or girlfriend? Your sister? Your mother? What if a man grabbed your daughter by the pussy? No, seriously – I want you to get that picture in your head and hold it there for a moment.

Think back. How often in the past few years have you gotten this worked up over a case of sexism against women?

Bro, do you have a mirror in your house? If so, I’m going to ask you to go stand in front of it and have an honest man to man conversation with yourself. I’d like you to answer this all seriously, with nobody watching or listening. If you can’t be honest with yourself about what you think … then ask yourself what that says about you.

Now, ask yourself one more thing: is Alamo Drafthouse staging a screening for women really the worst thing happening in the world today, or are there perhaps other injustices more worthy of your rage?

Something to consider….


  • I am outraged by the fact that continued examples of gender discrimination perpetuate the exact things you write about – as should everyone that considers themself a feminist.

    Why is it wrong to refuse to make a cake for people, because of their sexual orientation?

    This is perpetuating the same thing.

  • I’m outraged because it violates the Civil Rights Act. It’s illegal.

    • Thank you for stopping in to explain that you don’t understand the Civil Rights Act. Are you racist, too, or just blindingly misogynist?

      • So by your standards someone calling out an event that discriminates on the basis of gender makes them a misogynist and racist then.

        Those mens only clubs are also discriminatory from a legal standpoint too. That doesn’t make another wrong right and it certainly doesn’t make someone pointing it out to you a racist and misogynist.

  • I absolutely do not get this at all. Is there really a big deal about this?

  • It’s funny how tone deaf some people can be. For most of my life I have been told it is wrong to discriminate based on sex. In the authors rant above he brings up many examples of long standing practices in which women are excluded. Feminists and others interested in equality have pointed at these and said, “This is ban. Please stop it.” No this theater is doing it and instead of say, “Oh here is another example of sexist behavior, this is ban. Please stop it.” It seems like most feminists are saying, “It’s ok because it is sexist towards men and we are ok with that.” Also it gives all the clubs and organizations that are still following their sexist policy’s ammunition against change, “Hey, looky over yonder at what the women folk are doing. If it alright for the goose it’s a-ok for the gander.”

  • Why would someone be outraged at things that aren’t issues?

  • Me personally, have a problem with it? No.. heck it WAS traditional.
    Now.. since it is no longer allowed, to feel outrage.. I never did but understanding helps.. at women being forced into men’s Secret clubs.

    It can be thought of as, turn about is fair play.
    They made a fuss now.. it is our turn.

  • No, the fact that there are women’s only screenings isn’t a big deal. But I don’t think the “sexism” is the real problem that most people have with it. I think the hypocrisy of the those that have complained about every single one of those men’s only things but turn around and praise this is the problem. So why are people surprised when that hypocrisy gets shoved back in their face?

    Also, why do people keep using the “you did it to me, so I can do it back” argument. Grow up, we aren’t toddlers anymore.

  • It’s refreshing to see a male perspective on sexism and exclusion and a push for other males to reflect on their values and judgements. Thanks for sharing.

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