Mash The Beatles: Saturday Video Roundup

Up today, the greatest band of all time collaborates with Mark Ronson, Queen, Pink Floyd, A-Ha, Blondie, the Jackson 5, Motley Crue and The Nine Inch Nails. (Bonus points if you got that joke.)

We haven’t done a mashup SVR lately, so away we go. This first one has no video, but you have to hear the song.

As John once said, it’s all about the birds, birds, birds.

This little Fabs vs NIN moment is a tad twisted, but damn, it works.

This is just inspired. I have no idea how somebody heard that these songs fit together.

By the way, which one’s Fab?

Fab 4 + Jackson 5 = _____

A-Ha takes on The Beatles.

Let’s close on this little number, which we’ll call ‘Heart of Octopus.’

Happy Saturday, folks. Be careful out there.

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