Would there be high school walkouts today if Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a black High School?

Is the right to protest itself a function of privilege?

These kids raise good questions. Would there be massive high school walkouts across the country today if Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS was a predominately black inner-city school in Philly? In a neighborhood where there’s nothing special at all about gun violence?

If there were, would the kids get the Kaepernick Treament?

Would they incite a 3am tweet-storm at 1600 Pennsylvania?

These are the victims. Notice anything?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS victims

I fully support the students at MSDHS and across the country as they protest on behalf of their own safety and well-being today. They’re up against the NRA’s Death Lobby and its powerful, sociopathic minions in the Republican Party. It’s going to be a long, uphill fight. I hope they have the staying power for it.

I also hope at some point America will realize that black kids deserve to be safe, too.

One comment

  • The students in DC acknowledge that race was a factor in the coverage of their school. They intentionally had MLKJr’s granddaughter and an 11 year old black girl on stage to speak precisely for that reason.

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