Beer & Burritos #1: ghosting, recruiters, IPAs and chicken tastes like cardboard

beer-and-burritos podcast

In the pilot episode of Beer & Burritos, Brian, Sam and Andrew talk about the “ghosting” phenomenon companies are dealing with and discuss how much sympathy we have for recruiters. And other stuff.

Because the world needs another podcast.

Nonetheless, myself and a couple good friends are launching Beer & Burritos, where we’ll carp about any number of topics of interest to the thoughtful citizen. And beer.

This is the pilot, and as you’ll hear we have a few small technical bugs to hack out. Also, we expect the delivery to tighten up considerably with practice (and once we figure out how much we can drink before becoming unintelligible).

I think the best part of this one is toward the end where we consider the scourge of the IPA and the question of whether chicken has flavor. Enjoy, and let us know if you have thoughts.

COMING SOON: A photo of the crew, and maybe a beefcake calendar. 

Theme Music: “Let Go,” by Fiction 8© 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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