Beer & Burritos #2: What to do with Gov. Northam and the Sackler family?

beer-and-burritos podcast

The “Grumpy Progressives” are back, this time taking on VA Gov. Ralph Northam, Kevin Hart, “Justice” Kavanaugh and the notorious Sackler Crime Family.

The “Grumpy Progressives” – a name I still don’t like, but I’m getting outvoted – are back with the second in our Beer & Burritos podcast series.

In this installment, Andrew, Brian and I consider the cases of those who have transgressed in the past – VA Gov Ralph Northam, for instance, and comedian Kevin Hart – but who have seemingly recognized the error of their ways. Is an apology enough, or is more atonement demanded. “Justice” Kavanaugh’s name comes up, too.

Then we talk about the famous family of pushers, the Sacklers, who pretty much invented the opioid crisis.

We’re still hammering out some minor technical issues, but we’re getting there…

COMING SOON: Is it okay to take drug dealers’ stuff before trial?

Theme Music: “Let Go,” by Fiction 8©2019. All Rights Reserved.

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