The Couch Podcast #3: television, the celebrity college admissions scandal, and TACOS EL HUEQUITO!

The-Couch-podcast - politics pop culture burritos and beer

So, fun conversation – what makes great TV, is Breaking Bad the best show ever, and what about all those rich people buying their lackwit kids into college?

We’re not the Grumpy Progressives anymore. But we finally get the best Mexican food in the world into the act, so “beer and burritos” are still key to the brand. And quesadillas.

In this installment, Andrew, Brian and I talk about our current golden age of TV. Why is TV so amazing all of a sudden (and is Breaking Bad the best show ever?) – is it better writing, is it tech, is it worldview? All of the above?

And speaking of TV, are we surprised to find that TV stars (and other rich folks) are cheating to get their kids into college? And really, why would they commit fraud when the system allows them to do the same thing more or less legally?

Welcome to The Couch.

COMING SOON: Is it okay to take drug dealers’ stuff before trial?

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