The final word on Colin Kaepernick (for now)

The NFL just administered a stupidity test to the American public. How’d you do?

Colin Kaepernick works out in Atlanta

The NFL’s recent “tryout” for Colin Kaepernick was pure Kabuki. And it was, obviously, from the git-go.

Two hours to accept the invite to a dog+pony show across the country for a guy with a busy schedule? The vague “we’ve been getting calls” from teams who need to know his “status” with the league because that’s how little precisely zero front offices know? And you can’t film it. And you can’t bring your own receivers. And, by the way, we’re doing it at a time when nobody who matters with any team can possibly be there.

Dance, boy.

The NFL just administered a stupidity test to the American public. How’d you do?

I’m not here to argue whether he can play and deserves a job. He can and he does. All the numbers prove it and even the teams that won’t give him a shot say so. I won’t argue the “he wanted too much money” misdirection. That’s a bad faith argument, and how much does Fitzmagic make, again? DeShone Kizer? Colt McCoy? Chad Henne? Drew Fucking Stanton?

Uh-huh. Get that shit out of here.

The latest BS narrative is that Kaepernick moved the workout at the last minute because he doesn’t really want to play. In this construction he’s decided he’d rather be a martyr.

Let’s pretend for a second this is accurate. Hell, I can’t read Kaep’s mind. Maybe he does think this.

If so: what a sad fucking commentary on the state of the NFL and American society. I mean, it kinda proves his whole argument, doesn’t it?

What was his issue again? Right. Please stop racist police violence. And to the fans: please support me as I risk my career calling attention to the persistent injustice in our system.

The result:

  • Congenitally racist president: Tweet-storming at 3am while sitting on his gold toilet.
  • Fans: Don’t mix politics with sports. Oh, cool, a Blue Angels flyover!
  • White players: We’ll keep standing because racism doesn’t affect us.
  • Owners: No uppity negroes need apply.

civil right leaders athletesIf Pimps With Mics® (Stephen A Smith, President) are right, I think I may respect Colin Kaepernick even more than I already did. The refusal to step up on the block at Flowery Branch and dance a little jig to something by Jay-Z (real name Tom Stepinfetchit) may well have been a fuck-you to the league.

It says “I won’t be part of your little PR Circus. Football matters to me, but justice matters more. Just like it did to Jackie. To Bill. To Ali. To Kareem.” It says “history might not remember me for my stats, but it will remember you just like it does all the other plantation owners.”

So to those of you failed the stupid test, pick your narrative. You lose either way.

Sadly, so do the rest of us.

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