#fakenewswatch: Corrected CNBC fundraising headline

UPDATED: 1:54pm


Can you at least pretend you’re trying, CNBC?

Today’s headline:

Trump campaign says it raised $46 million in fourth quarter, dwarfing Democrats’ hauls

Sure. Except:

Sanders: $34.5m
Buttigieg: $24.7m
Biden: 22.7m
Yang: $16.5m
Subtotal: $97.4m

And we haven’t yet heard from Warren and Klobuchar. You’d guess they’d rake in another $35m anyway, right? So that’s potentially three times what Trump raised?

Who’s dwarfing whom, CNBC?

Point of CNBC headline: make Trump look like he’s rolling the Dems.

Truth: It ain’t an every-pol-for-hisself battle royal. As the Dem side thins out most of that money is going to gang up on Donnie Bag-o-Donuts.

Once again, my low expectations for major corporate news outlets are rewarded…


  • This tells me that the big money isn’t banking on a centrist Dem win in the primary, which might bode well for either/or Warren/Sanders. Now they’re panicky and laying in the early disinfo offensive to complement the existing “editorial discretion” that can’t seem to give equal coverage to either Sanders/Warren when there’s still *anyone* else at all they can hope for.

  • I’m not a huge fan of editorial boards thinking so strategically about these matters.

  • I can’t say that they are, but the pattern seems so consistent that, to me, it beggars the imagination to believe it’s either a fluke or has a more innocuous explanation.

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