Hillary Clinton is a Russian asset. Discuss.


What will Hillary’s legacy be? She needs to decide now…

Item: Hillary Clinton says ‘many, many, many people’ pressuring her to consider 2020 presidential run November 12, 2019

Item: Hillary Clinton admits she feels an ‘urge’ to run against Trump again January 28, 2020

Item: Hillary Clinton slams Bernie Sanders for not working to unite Democrats in 2016 January 31, 2020

And now this: Hillary Clinton Blasts Bernie Sanders, Says He Promises ‘The Moon’ But Can’t Deliver

Dear Ms. Clinton:

We understand how 2016 has to torment you. You dreamed of being president. You spent decades pursuing that dream. And it was so close.

But you lost. Forgive us for saying it this way, but you ran an abominable campaign. You somehow found a way to lose to a man so inept and corrupt he makes George W Bush seem Rushmore-worthy in comparison. In truth, you may have been the only potential Democrat candidate who wouldn’t have beaten Trump handily.

We’re tormented, too. We’re the ones having to navigate the early days of der Trumpenreich and we don’t have your wealth and position to defend ourselves with. So we feel your pain keenly and sympathize with your inner conflict. We voted for you. We wish you had won. Sure, it’s fairer to say we wish Trump had lost, but let’s not split hairs. We were on your side on 2016.11.8.

We know you feel cheated. Russian interference played a part in your defeat and we’re all livid over the Electoral College and the GOP’s ongoing siege against minority voter rights. We know – or at least we hope we do – that you’d relish a little payback for Donnie Bag ‘o Donuts.

We’d like to propose two possible ways you can help accomplish that.

1: Go all-in on the Democratic nominee today. By this I mean stating publicly and unconditionally that you will support whomever wins the nomination. With all your heart and soul. You’ll go door-to-door and pay your own way if need be. A lot of people love you and respect you and that commitment will go a long way toward, well, uniting the Democratic party.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a voice in the primary season. If you think Joe is best candidate then by all means support him. We disagree on that one, but we also believe in things like free speech (unlike the other team’s guy). You’ve certainly earned the right to have your opinion heard.

But in doing so, you have to keep it positive because otherwise you undercut your own pledge to beat Trump no matter what. So no slams on Bernie or Warren or Mayor Pete or Yang or Klobuchar or Gabbard or Bloomberg or Steyer or Bill the Cat whothefuckever.

Once we have a nominee, you’re visibly and vocally the head cheerleader. Period. If you have a beef with Sanders from the last go-round, if you feel he didn’t support you, etc., use this moment to give future historians proof that in the end, and despite your personal feelings, you put the nation first. You may not be president, but you can be a stateswoman. You can lead.

2: If you can’t do #1, then please, for the love of all that is good and decent in the world, shut the fuck up and go away. This pissy little PR game you’re playing lately is as transparent as it is corrosive. You’re placing petty ego above the best interests of the nation. That includes the millions who marched for you. Phone-banked for you. Knocked doors for you. Voted for you.

You’re proving that people like us have been right about you all along. Putin has to be reading the news lately and smiling that twisted little Machiavellian smile of his. He couldn’t have scripted it any better himself.

So, Ms. Clinton. Who are you really and what will your legacy be? You need to make up your mind very, very soon, lest it be said that your power-grubbing vindictiveness helped elect Donald Trump twice.

No, Hillary, we don’t really think you’re a Russian asset. We just wish you’d stop behaving like one.

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