Joe Can’t Win! Really? Let’s Review….

The Biden Can’t Beat Trump meme is powerful these days, and it’s an opinion held by some people I have a lot of respect for.


Look, I hate Biden for all the reasons every sensible progressive does. But it’s like we’ve all forgotten what actually happened in 2016. Trump didn’t romp because he hate this irresistible tidal wave of hate behind him. There was no landslide.

Clinton beat him in the popular vote by 3M and if her dumb ass hadn’t inexplicably decided that Michigan and Wiscy were in the bag she’d likely have won. Trump barely beat the worst idea the Dems have had in years on the Electoral College technicality.

All of which is to say, he didn’t win the election, she lost it.

Biden is a clown, yes. He’s either drunk or showing signs of senility. He’s Wall Street’s best little buddy. He has a clear record of siding with the GOP against Social Security, Medicare, and the well-being of the people generally.


But he has fewer perceived negatives among “moderate” voters than Hillary did and Obama will go all-in on him. At this stage I imagine he’s looking hard at Cuomo, whose COVID performance has even my progressive friends who ought to know better saying nice things about him. Right now Cuomo on the ticket might be a winner with the lefter wing of the party.

The recent bounce in Trump’s COVID approval is delusional and it won’t withstand what’s coming. So from where I sit it’s going to take a miracle for Trump to win. Doesn’t mean he won’t declare the Reich and try a coup, but …

If I’m right the ensuing four years will be wonderful compared to the last four, because that bar is so low even Uncle Joe can clear it. We just have to do what we can then to keep the DNC from further consolidating power.

We can have that talk later, but in the meantime I don’t share the Joe Can’t Win thinking at all.


  • Jim Booth
    11:17 AM (3 minutes ago)

    I agree with Sam on pretty much all these points.

    If Cuomo handles the Covid disaster in NY in a way that keeps his star shining, he’s a lock for VP and the Dems win.

    I live in NC, a place where the majority of the population with teeth hate what the Republicans have done here – but, that said, Bernie or his like couldn’t win this state – yet. But Biden could. It’s going to take 2-3 election cycles to get the South back on the Dems bandwagon.

    I don’t know what others think, but the money being handed out in the stimulus bill is Trump trying to buy the 2020 election – assuming there is one. But since Trump’s wimped out even on taking on Cuomo over quarantine, I think he may be sealing his fate and looking weak to Yahoos and Goobers. And his threat may have made Southern voters of a certain type (reasonably educated, middlin’ class, but still crypto racist shits) rethink their support of a guy who might threaten quarantine on them.

    And if the Dems keep hammering on Trump’s dismantling of the Pandemic team, etc., Biden can still win this thing – especially if his handlers keep him hammering Trump’s incompetence when facing an existential threat to EVERYBODY in the US of A regardless of income bracket. I mean, if Tom Hanks can get it…

    Pipe dream scenario – a Biden/Cuomo ticket and Jolted Joe strokes out after a year or so. Then President Cuomo can appoint his next VP – maybe a Massachusetts senator?

    C’mon, ya’ll – I’m hiding from death here – let an old man have his illusions.

    And make me no appointments in Samarra, okay…?

    • “Bernie or his like couldn’t win this state – yet. But Biden could. It’s going to take 2-3 election cycles to get the South back on the Dems bandwagon.”

      I’m not so sure about that. The majority of Americans are in agreement on many major issues. And on these issues, they are often to the left of the Democratic Party. Even most Republicans, in polls, state stronger support for leftist healthcare reform than do most Democratic politicians.

      Also, keep in mind that most Southerners already support Democrats. It’s gerrymandering, voter purges, closing of polling places in poor neighborhoods, and other voter suppression tactics that keep Democratic turnout lower in the South.

      If Democrats want to win the South, they have to fight the undemocratic practices that keep Republicans in power. The problem is the DNC elite are no more in favor of a well functioning democracy than are the GOP elite.

  • Agreed. If there are free and fair elections in November, Trump will get crushed.

    I know there are a fair share of goobers in Michigan, but I can’t see how Trump wins a state that he only won by 10,000 votes after the way he has handled the C19 response there. Everywhere Trump held rallies before special elections, his candidate lost those elections. These daily press rally shit-shows may be stroking his ego but they won’t ultimately be good for his brand. His core base may love them but they’re pissing off everyone else. An angry electorate is trouble.

    I agree that Biden is a weak candidate. I can’t see how he completes a full term. He just wants to be president for a day … to know that it happened. He’s like a John McCain figure in that his VP pick will be very important.

    I don’t think Cuomo will get the nod for a number of reasons. Cuomo won’t appeal to progressives. Cuomo doesn’t have a lot of pull in any battleground states. And if Biden is going to go back on his promise to pick a woman as his VP, I can’t picture it being for someone like Cuomo.

  • I despise Biden and don’t want him to win. But it is sort of irrelevant, as I see the federal government as a banana republic. Who is the figure head of the one-party state is not overly meaningful, as much of the government is now run by interests of deep state and inverted totalitarianism.

    That said, Biden could win. I was saying that before this pandemic. My argument was that all it would take was for something to go awry. The economy has been on a shaky foundation for a long time. And the well informed have known that we’ve been heading for an economic crash. If it happened before the election, that easily could sink Trump’s chances.

    On the other hand, Biden’s mental health could plummet just as easily. I don’t know what is going on with his brain. Trump also shows some signs of brain deterioration, maybe early onset dementia, as compared to how he sounded decades ago. But Biden often comes across as less coherent than Trump, which is a truly sad thing to say.

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