Welcome (Back) to Lullaby Pit

I announced a couple weeks ago that we’ll be closing Scholars & Rogues on the 16th. That decision is a heavy one, given how much it meant to those of us on the staff. But at the same time it represents fresh opportunity.

I first launched the Lullaby Pit on April 1, 1994. Best I can tell, this makes me one of the 2,000 oldest brands on the Web – and yes, I’m very proud of that. But it’s been mainly an archive for the last 17 years.

Today, though, we relaunch. From here on out Lullaby Pit is my daily home for cultural, political, music, photography, sports and lifestyle commentary.

I’m never going to be huge. I won’t have a million visitors a day and if I ever go viral no one will be more surprised than me. The new, improved Pit will be more personal and intimate, more conversation than lecture (which I know I’ve been guilty of at times).

I’ll make every effort to be intelligent and relevant. I’ll try to address issues that matter in our lives, and I’m going to make every effort to be kinder and gentler than I’ve been at times in recent years. No guarantees – if the world doesn’t outrage you every day you aren’t paying attention. But I can’t let the rage own me any more. I’m too old and Pepcid is too expensive.

I hope you’ll tag along.

Not only would I like it if you followed me, I hope you’ll engage. Comments wherever are welcomed – it’s more interesting than the alternative, which is the feeling you get when you shout into an empty wilderness.

And of course I’d be grateful if you’d tell your friends.

Thanks. Talk to you soon.Lullaby Pit logo

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