Trump’s “Failure” to Denounce White Supremacy: Journalistic Malpractice in the First Degree

2020 Presidential Debate

It’s been a long time since I expected much from corporate journalism, but no matter how low I set the bar they keep finding ways to tunnel under it.

Their handling of Trump’s “debate” shout-out to white supremacists everywhere – his overt call for them to stand at the ready – buggered belief.

Check this nonsense from ABC:

Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy at debate part of well-established pattern

The debate was not the first time Trump has failed to condemn white supremacy.

President Donald Trump’s failure to categorically and clearly condemn white supremacists at Tuesday night’s debate is part of a well-established pattern in which the president has shown reluctance to disavow radical and racist groups and ideologies.

We saw that “failure to” construction all over the place, including the NY Times, many local outlets, and, appropriately enough, Hollywood Reporter.

Dammit, he did not “fail” to do anything.

If I fail to do X, it means maybe I was supposed to but … forgot? It perhaps means I tried but wasn’t up to the task.

But it does not mean I whipped my dick out, waved it at you, and told you to suck me dry in the middle of Fifth Avenue.

He didn’t fail to do anything, you mani-pedied false civility whores. He refused to do it. Worse, he took the opportunity to summon the motherfucking Klan!

This is journalistic malpractice in the first degree, and if you’re making a list of all the ways Donald Trump happened to America, please be sure to include the Fourth Estate. Preferably somewhere near the top.

Also, you at the Times … you’ve got something orange on your face. No, down a little, on your chin…


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