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A quick shout-out: thinking and writing about our frustration with Obama

Here at S&R we try and generate as much original content as possible and, unlike a lot of blogs, we don’t dedicate much energy to linking other stories around the ‘sphere. Aside from Mike’s Nota Bene series, anyway. But earlier today three other outlets linked to my “Will you vote for Obama (again)?” piece, and since these places are trying to broaden what I think is a critical discussion for our nation, I thought I’d take a moment to say thanks and encourage S&R’s reader to backtrack with us.

Scholars & Rogues unveils new logo

Something we’ve wanted for awhile is a logo – not just the text logo, which we like, but something visual and iconic. Many ideas have been kicked around and set aside for one reason or another (my lack of design skill being at the top of that list). But not long ago, we hit on a rough idea and were able to call on the talents of one of Denver’s absolute finest graphic designers, Laura Manthey, to turn it into something that reflects the core principles of the S&R brand, which we have carefully nurtured for literally four years now.

So here, without further ado, is the new Scholars & Rogues coat of arms: Read more

We’re looking for poems that we didn’t know we were looking for: Scholars & Rogues launches poetry journal

S&R readers have probably noticed that we like poetry around here. Something we have been talking about for quite a while, in fact, is why we didn’t take the next step and become a poetry publisher. Now, after months of planning, we’re doing precisely that.

On Monday, we will publish our first poem as a poetry journal. If you’re wondering, no, this won’t affect everything else we do. We’ll continue to be the same online magazine that we’ve always been, only now we’ll be offering up original literature.

Here’s how it will work. Read more

S&R is looking for guest writers (and artists, and photographers…)

Scholars & Rogues is in the process of refreshing, updating and expanding our operation (you’ll see some changes in the coming days and weeks, with any luck), and one of the things we’re doing is increasing our emphasis on guest contributors. We’ve always published outside writers, and the truth is that there’s a lot of talent out there, talent that could use an opportunity to connect with a larger audience.

So, if you’d like to write something for us, or if you know someone whose work might be a good fit here, have a look at our new submissions page. In general:

  • We’re interested in a wide range of topics. Read more

Top 1K: It’s a big day at S&R

There are several ways of evaluating a blog’s place in the food chain. The one we’ve always paid the most attention to is Technorati, a search and ranking site that indexes well over 850,000 blogs. If you’re interested in learning more about how Technorati operates, you can review this overview at

Anyway, as of this morning, Scholars & Rogues has, for the first time in our history, crashed into the Top 1,000. We’ve been flirting with the 1K mark for a couple of weeks now, and at the moment we’re ranked #969. Needless to say, we’re pretty darned proud of ourselves. Read more

Dirty hippies love sports, too

You know how we are. Bunch of shrill liberal crybabies who hate freedom and love terrorists, wish we could destroy all vestiges of American business and give every hard-earned penny that you earn to welfare queens, etc.

All of which is true, especially the parts about how George Soros is secretly paying us all (anybody want to chill on my yacht this weekend?). In fact, George is funding this venture himself in an attempt to further undermine the fabric of American society.

What is less known, though, is that us dirty hippie liberals also love sports. No, seriously. Baseball, football, hoops, soccer, Lithuanian goat rodeo, you name it. Read more

It was three years ago today: happy birthday S&R

Three years ago today Scholars & Rogues launched with two posts: Whythawk weighed in with a thoughtful critique of corporate charity and I reported on Joe Wilson’s speech at the Conference on World Affairs (Joe is Mr. Valerie Plame, by the way), where he said that “Fred Thompson is a member of the treason faction of the Republican Party.”

The other thing that happened that day, and the one that most people remember more vividly, was in Blacksburg, VA, where Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded many more. Read more

S&R enters “bipartisanship partnership” with The Drudge Report

As anyone who remembers The 5th Estate, which was the Scholars & Rogues precursor, will recall, this community is founded on a strong sense of bipartisanship and the belief that much can be accomplished when the neo-conservative and staunch liberal talk honestly across the table.

We’ve gotten away from this ideal over the past couple of years, but we’ve taken note of the bipartisan successes driven by President Obama since he took office. So today we’re pleased to announce that S&R has entered into a strategic agreement with The Drudge Report, a site that literally defined the conservative alternative news industry when it was launched in 1996. Read more

Welcome to the Dark Side: another PC business user defects to Mac

About two and a half years ago, when I was running my own little one-man consulting operation, Microsoft killed my computer. They did it remotely via a routine update. If you use PCs, you get these updates all the time, and usually they install automatically and there’s no real issue.

But this time something went horribly wrong. It wasted my ability to use the machine for anything other than a paperweight, and in a stunning display of destructive innovation, the software misfire actually wiped out my USB ports. I’d have been thoroughly impressed if I hadn’t been so mad. Read more

New: S&R persona for Firefox

If you’re a Firefox user, you’ve probably upgraded to v3.6 by now. If not, you should – it has some great new features, especially in the arena of privacy. 3.6 also has a cool new personalization feature called “Personas”; this one lets you import all kinds of cool design into the look and feel of your browser. There are thousands of options, including everything from Web sites to cartoon characters to cars to sports teams to, well, vampires. Of course. It is 2010, after all.

Oh, and now there’s a Scholars & Rogues persona. Because you just can’t be one of the hip kids without it, I suppose. Here’s the how-to:

Y’all have a nice day.

RIP Martin Bosworth, original Scrogue

One of our original scrogue colleagues has passed away. Martin Bosworth, who helped us found Scholars & Rogues in April of 2007, was a central member of our community for our first year. He wrote frequently and energetically about progressive political issues of all sorts, and had a particular expertise in Internet policy issues. His death is a significant loss for progressive causes across the country.

I believe we’ll all remember Martin as committed and passionate, and his many followers and friends have set up a Facebook page where everyone can pay their respects. Read more

John, Elizabeth, Rielle and the dumpster fire at the end of the world

There’s a train rolling to a stop just outside of town. It’s a long train, and each flatbed carries 20 dumpsters. Each dumpster is filled to overflowing with nuclear waste and flaming grease. As the copter shot pulls away the final credits roll over the first few bars of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” We can all breathe a sigh of relief – all is well now, but just a few moments ago this train was hurtling at top speed toward the city center, its murdered conductor’s body holding the throttle in full-steam position.

This isn’t some wholesome, Focus on the Family-friendly Thomas the Train, folks. No, sir. This is the toxic, Viagra-addled nuclear dumpster grease fire Johnny the Train from Hell, and it came that close to plowing headlong into the unshielded nards of American democracy. Read more

Happy 2010 to our Facebook and Twitter fans; you can follow, too

Scholars & Rogues wishes a very special Happy 2010 to our fans – all 164 of them. Hey, it’s about quality, not quantity, right?

We know there are more than 164 really smart people on Facebook, though, so if you aren’t already following us you can do so here or by clicking on the Facebook icon you see in the column to the right.

We’re also on Twitter, and you can follow our Twitstream here.

Now, go watch some football – it’s back to work tomorrow…

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