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Is John Newman the “dude version of Amy Winehouse”? Simmer down, Buzzfeed

Newman is pretty darned good. But it’s too early to know if he’s the dude Amy Winehouse or the dude Duffy.

A few days ago BuzzFeed up and wet itself over Brit Soul-Pop wunderkind John Newman, calling the 23 year-old singer the “Dude Version Of Amy Winehouse.”

As a famous man once said, “simmer down, Beavis.” Comparing Newman to 27-Clubber Winehouse is a whole lotta hype, especially for a guy I haven’t even heard of yet. But I’m old and sometimes the latest and hippest doesn’t make it out here to the home as fast as I’d like. Regardless, dude Amy Winehouse is a claim that must be investigated, yes?

So I sat down, got the old Technics headphones out, and gave the kid a spin. Here’s what I concluded. Read more