Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin? Both sides, just stop it.


Some love the neo-Zep sound and others hate it, but both sides are missing the point.

Greta Van Fleet, a young Michigan-based rock band featuring three brothers with a friend on drums, have been ripping the lid off the joint lately. As of this moment the video for “Highway Tune” has well over 20 million views. They’re playing all the big festivals, preparing to mount an ambitious world tour, and readying the release of their first full-length album.

In short, they are a thing.

Give them a quick listen.

If this is your first exposure to GVF, you may be thinking they sound a lot like this band you hear on Classic Rock stations every once in a while.

Yes, indeed, Greta Van Fleet owes a lot to Led Zeppelin, and it has become a point of contention for some. A Google search for [greta van fleet led zeppelin] turns up 474,000 results (and [greta van zeppelin] pulls another 2,400 or so]), so you aren’t the only one who noticed. Continue reading “Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin? Both sides, just stop it.”

Elton John

What are your three favorite Elton John songs?

Elton John

This is one of the hardest music questions I’ve ever been asked.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend asked me this one. And I thought – what a hateful question. Seriously – three? With some effort I might be able to get it down to ten or fifteen.

But it was a music question. So I thought. And pondered. And listened and relistened.

I may finally have an answer.

Number 1 is: Continue reading “What are your three favorite Elton John songs?”