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COVID Radio: Stay the Fuck Home, Becky

COVID-RadioNew and Improved! It will tap your toes, boogie your butt, make you smarter and better looking! Cures gout, unsightly warts and the heartbreak of psoriasis!


Our badass COVID playlist continues to grow in cool ways. Assume you sleep 8 hours a night and need music for the rest of your day. This playlist will keep you in tuneage for 6 days and 18 hours.

Old favorites, new discoveries, eclectic and intelligent. Rock, Indie, Electronica, Pop, ’70s, ’80s, alt.90s, Motown, Grunge, Punk, Dance, Trance, New Wave, Metal, Soul & R&B, Americana, Industrial, DarkWave, Trip-Hop, Shoegaze … even a smattering of C&W, old school and new.

You won’t like everything but that’s what skip buttons are for.

Thanks to Matthew Grimm for the song that gives the playlist its title…


If Woody Guthrie Were Still Alive…

…Matthew Grimm’s Dumpster-Fire Days would be his favorite album of the last decade.

My favorite lines from each song:

Salt of the Earth

We gathered in the square to watch Black men hang like a Friday night football game
We’ll greenlight genocide long as some charlatan tells us it’s in Jesus’ name

Tommy Keene Is Playing Kiki’s House

Corporations, Christians, contras, all fronts in one never-ending war
We raged at the sacred and austere, revenge for childhoods lived in fear Read more

The Ultimate 4th of July Playlist – 2020

Independence Day is nearly upon us, and at this time of year a lot of us begin breaking out our patriotic music so as to honor the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave®.

Last year I put together a little best of the 4th playlist on Spotify and am in the process of updating it for a new era in the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Read more

Listen to the New Sound of Eleven

I’ve been a big fan of Kate Hinote and Tony Hamera’s work in The Blueflowers for several years. And I’m positively loving their new project, Sound of Eleven. Darker, more ambient in tone… From Discogs:

Formed in late 2015, Sound of Eleven sought to re-define and expand the genre of apocalyptic folk. Influenced by folk legends of the past like Leonard Cohen and Sibylle Baier, as well as the more contemporary Death In June and Current 93, S11 goes beyond the traditional sounds of neo-folk, adding elements of darkwave, industrial, and eerie, ambient soundscapes.

Marvelous stuff. Give it a listen.

RIP Adam Schlesinger

Others have eulogized Adam far better than I can, but I wanted to share a couple of words and some of my favorite songs by a truly generational songwriter. Somehow Fountains of Wayne only had one hit, and that alone tells you all you need to know about radio.

He had this epic sense for a melody. His lyrics were beyond clever. But his real magic was in his understated wit and a gift for sincerity. He could cast a critical eye on a scene without condescension, even where condescension was richly deserved.

He was funny. He was honest. He was a master. And he will be missed.


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