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ArtSunday: Chip

Photographers know to always be ready. The best shot may be the one you aren’t expecting.

The Balloons Over Bend festival was in town this weekend. I got up early this morning and headed down to Riverbend Park to hopefully get some nice shots of hot air balloons, which I have never photographed before.

I found a spot up on the hill behind the park (the hill where my office is located, in fact), set up the tripod and waited for the festivities to commence. But apparently it was too windy, and sadly no balloons were going to fly. Which sucked – if you’re going to crawl out of bed at 5:30am on a Sunday, you don’t want it to be in vain.

But then, as I was sitting there, this happened. Read more

Road Angel’s Live Gopher Fashions

For years now, polite society has been torn over the fur question. On a 1995 trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with my friends Will and Jamie Bower, I was hit with what can only be regarded as an artistic, aesthetic, and political epiphany. Finally, something both the pro-fur and anti-fur camps can agree on.

Here I’m seen modeling the ever trendy Live Gopher Hat Pin. All the rage on the runways of Paris and Milano this Spring, it’s perfect for the casual evening with friends. This handy wash-n-wear ground squirrel makes the perfect accessory, here adding character and fun to my simple hiking headgear. Ground squirrel: Mr. Roget’s of Beverly Hills, $75. Hat: Boulder Army Store, @$7. T-shirt: Mr. Roget’s of Beverly Hills, $135. Trail mix: King Soopers, $1.29/lb. Photograph by William Bower, MD. Read more