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Mark Udall helps hold the Constitution down while Bush and his corporate buddies drive the bus over it

Yesterday we here in Colorado learned a little more about our Democratic candidate for Senate, Congressman Mark Udall. And what we learned wasn’t pretty. Udall, along with 104 other collaborationist Dems, voted in favor of Bush’s latest Constitution-gutting initiative, a FISA “compromise” that makes all our talk about freedom in the US ring even hollower than it did already.

Russ Feingold’s take on the sell-out is spot-on:

“The proposed FISA deal is not a compromise; it is a capitulation. Read more

S&R straw poll results

We’ve just wrapped our first S&R election reader poll, and here are the results.

Q: Which candidate do you currently favor for the Democratic nomination?

  1. John Edwards (47)
  2. Dennis Kucinich (45)
  3. Barack Obama (36)
  4. Hillary Clinton (9)
  5. Christopher Dodd (6)
  6. Bill Richardson (2)
  7. Joe Biden (4)
  8. Other (3)

Up now in the column to your right – same question, GOP candidates. Let us know what you think.