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22 Questions with Paul Lewis

I think it was fall of 1989. My friends John and Cindy Cavanaugh called to say that “Paul’s band” was playing in Winston-Salem that night, and that they were driving up from Charlotte, and did I want to meet them for the show. Sure, what the heck. I’d been hearing about John’s old buddy Paul for a long time, and when you’re a single guy in my home town on a weeknight, pretty much any excuse to get out of the house is a good one.

That was my first encounter with YNOT?!, and it was one of those “omigod” moments that music fans have all too few of in their lives. This band just fucking raged. They had the sound, they had the songs, they had the look, but mainly they had this singer who just radiated presence – clearly, this guy was born to front a rock band.

Later that night I met Paul Lewis for the first time. Read more