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Are you a socialist? Take the test….

A 2011 study yields surprising results.

The word “socialist” was, for all intents and purposes, dead and buried after the fall of the Iron Curtain. But it has enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity since, oh, 2008 or so. The thing is, since we hadn’t had any real socialistm for awhile, our understanding of what the term means has gotten a little fuzzy.

So the question is, how socialist are you really? Maybe none at all, maybe a whole lot, and maybe somewhere in the middle. Let’s find out. Read more

Saturday Video Roundup: Europe is a dangerous place

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Or maybe it just seems that way. Today’s episode of SVR owes entirely to the mad genius of our friend Mike Smith (he of Fiction 8 infamy), who has way too much spare time on his hands. Said spare time is apparently spent scouring the frontiers of YouTube for videos that should never ever have been made. As these offerings prove, we live in a strange and dangerous world.

First, what are they putting in the water in Sweden, anyway?

Denmark isn’t safe, either. Read more

The Best CDs of 2002

As I seem to note every year about this time, my “Best of” lists tend to suggest their own themes, and 2k2, despite some truly outstanding efforts from the US, UK, and the Commonwealth of Canadia, was clearly the year of the Swedish Invasion. Three bands from the Kingdom of Sverige – The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Kent, and The Hellacopters – cracked the Pit’s top ten this year, and if I’d ever gotten around to picking up the latest from Skelleftea’s own Wannadies, I wonder if there might not have been four.

All of which raises an obvious question – how is it that a nation famous mostly for eight-month winters, a nonexistent bikini team, and Peter Forsberg is able to take our popular music forms and produce better stuff than our own artists? Hmmph. Well, I could probably go on for days there, but I shan’t. Let’s just leave it at this: Sweden is lately home to a spectacular popular music culture, and in 2002 our Nordic brethren really showed us how it’s done.

As always, I bought about a tenth of what I wish I had been able to afford, and apologize profusely to all the worthy bands who might have been mentioned here had I only time enough and a budget.

1: Space Team Electra – Intergalactic Torch Song Read more