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The Best CDs of 2004

2004: the year of Nu Wave. And an interesting year, for me, because I’ve always thought the New Wave explosion of 1978-79 was the greatest musical moment of my life, and the “New Wave of the ‘80s” stuff that trailed along in its wake was frequently pretty cool, too.

So when I realized that there was a new generation of bands coming along who’d been listening to New Wave (Elvis Costello, Police, Joe Jackson, Wire), late ‘70s ska (Specials, Selector), technopop (Eurythmics, Human League, Duran Duran), American Punk, Art Pop, and Power Pop (Talking Heads, Devo, Blondie), and Post-Punk (Joy Division, The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths), I was elated. Sure, there was going to be some wannabe drivel, but every movement produces some genuinely worthy work, as well.

And there was. There was also plenty of good music in other genres, and it being one of the most contentious election years in memory, there were several bands who used their music to launch scathing broadsides at political cynicism, corruption, and abuses of power.

All in all a darned fine year, was 2004, marred only by the fact that I had neither time nor money enough to do it justice.

So, away we go. At the top of the list:

1. Green Day – American Idiot Read more