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Great music of 2012: the (slightly past) halfway check-in, part 1

I always do my year-end best music list, but it’s also fun to take note of where we are at the halfway pole. Or, in this case, the 7/12 pole. So here’s some of what I’ve been digging on so far this year.

The BlueflowersStealing the Moon – Their 2011 release was one of my very best of the year, and you can look forward to hearing more about Stealing the Moon come December. Tony Hamera, Kate Hinote et al draw sounds from a variety of wonderfully diverse moments and places in our musical memories. You might hear a snatch of guitar that reminds you of Peter Buck, for instance. There’s a cinematic minor-chord noir vibe throughout. And I’m getting a sort of hip-goths-at-Palisades-Park trip from the organ on “Hole of Sorrow,” which is one of my four or five most-played tracks this year.

Love it, love it, freakin’ love it.

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