Pat Robertson: “I warned Bush”

Okay, we have a new leader in the Weirdest Damned Story of the Year Sweepstakes – Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq casualties

“And I warned him about this war. I had deep misgivings about this war, deep misgivings. And I was trying to say, ‘Mr. President, you had better prepare the American people for casualties.’ ”

Robertson said the president then told him, “Oh, no, we’re not going to have any casualties.”

Robertson, the televangelist who sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1988, said he wishes Bush would admit to mistakes made.

“I mean, the Lord told me it was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy,” Robertson said. “I warned him about casualties.”

I honestly have no idea what to make of this.

One comment

  • This brings to mind Sam Kinison’s jokes about Pat Robertson running for president because “the Lord told him to.”   Kinison said God’s in Heaven saying, “Watch this, I’m gonna wake Pat up at 4 in the morning and make him go out and check his tire pressure.”

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