S&R Poll results: major issues

The results of the latest S&R poll are in.

What issue will be foremost in your thoughts when you vote for a president in 2008?

1. Civil Liberties (28)
2. Economy and Class (26)
3. Iraq and Military Issues (20)
4. Foreign Policy (General) (11)
5. Education (7)
6. Campaign Reform (6)
7. Gay Marriage (5)
8. Abortion and Reproductive Rights (4)
Environment (4)
10. Energy Independence (3)
Immigration (3)
Other (3)

No votes:


Our next poll asks you which press sources you trust the most, and can be found in the column to the right.


  • As one of the “others” above, I wish there had been a way to select more than one. I couldn’t select a single issue that was “most important” for me out of the ones listed.

  • It perturbs me that education finished so low.

  • Yeah, but did it surprise you?

  • Oh no. Disappoint me, yes, but not surprise me.

  • nod, Brian and nod, Denny.

    Education was #1 for me by a mile. It all starts there, doesn’t it?

  • I wish I could say that it all started with ed, but I can’t. It’s vital, but I couldn’t say it was fundamentally more vital than economy and class, or general foreign policy. There are just too many things we have to tackle all at the same time.

    Gack. Now I’m just depressing myself….

  • Brian: There are short term issues that need fixing RIGHT NOW. Iraq, energy and the environment, for instance. But by and large everything else is a long term project, and education is THE magic bullet for EVERYTHING that doesn’t have to be by god nailed in the next 20 years.

  • I don’t disagree. But this election isn’t just about the long term, it’s about the short term too. And if we don’t get the short term stuff right, we won’t have the chance to fix the longer term stuff like ed.

    Like I said, there’s a lot of stuff to deal with all at the same time. And not one of the declared candidates (or possible undeclared candidates) is talking like they really understand that basic fact. Well, none that have a snowball’s chance in hell, anyway. 😉

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