Saturday Video Roundup: the Tao of T

I pity da fool!

And so do we. We pity da fool who fails to grasp the spiritual enlightenment freely available to all in the teachings of Mr. T. For starters, Mr. T has an important lesson about family. Specifically, he’s got something to say about yo mama your mother.

Next, Mr. T reveals that he’s the “T” in “IT.” Remember, intelligence is in the controller, never in the network, sucka.

Style is central to individualistic self-expression, as Mr. T demonstrates here.

How do you say “I pity da fool” in German?

Finally, the Master offers some advice we can all use: Get some nuts!

Got dat, sucka? Good. Now let’s go out there and virutalize some nuts for yo mama. In Deutsch.

Thanks to djerrid for alerting us to the “Treat Your Mother Right” vid.


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