Saturday Video Roundup: make your own theme

Normally we try to pull each week’s SVR together around a theme. This week? Here are some random videos. Watch ’em and you tell us what the theme is.

First, the new video from Weezer for “Pork and Beans.” God Bless YouTube.

Next, it’s Furries vs. Klingons! Look folks, a bowling alley full of desperate cries for help.

Finally, a little-known fairy tale. On caffeine. And Red Bull. Lots and lots of Red Bull. Mainlined.

There you go. Now, hit that comment box and unify these videos thematically.

Thanks: Debby Levinson for the Weezer link; Mike Smith for the whole disturbing bowling night thing.


  • I vote for “demented things that would/should never have been seen before YouTube existed.”

  • I found these funny *hangs head in shame*.

    …theme? Hmm, the sex is not quite happening for these folk, maybe.

    Got to love the frog. 🙂

  • Michael "Ubertramp" Pecaut

    Evolution of a Neurotic TubePuppet
    A Fairy Tale for an Internet Day
    A Day in the Life of Digital Andy Worhol
    Things to do on the Internet When You’re Dead

  • Three words:


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