Saturday Video Roundup: Sum some summertime

Technically we’re still a few days away from Solstice, I know, but … you should see the weather here in Colorado. Trust me, folks – it’s summer. So to sort of pre-honor the arrival of sun season, SVR today presents a few vids to put you in a surf, sand and sky kinda mood. Up first, the supremely cool Scot Sax’s Bachelor Number 1 project with my all-time favorite summer song, “I Am the Summertime.”

Up next – it wouldn’t be a summer set at all without The Beach Boys, would it? Here’s some great 1967 footage of “Good Vibrations.”

And what’s our favorite thing to do in summer? That’s right – water skiing with Belinda, Charlotte, Kathy, Jane and Gina!

Here we have a bit of conflict working. The video is gray and industrial and not-summery, but damn, there haven’t been many more bright and sunshiny tunes ever.

We’ll leave you with one more – if you have a pool, you need to be twisting by it. If not, the weather is gorgeous: twist by whatever you got.

Hope the sun is shining in your town today. Get out and enjoy your Saturday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go mix a pitcher of Mai Tais … just like I had in sunny Hawaii….


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