Post-debate wrap: Palin, low standards and the new feminism

I’m sitting here taking in what the collected punditry has to say in the aftermath of tonight’s Veep Debate. These aren’t direct quotes, but most of the comments go something like this:

  • “Well, she didn’t answer any of the questions, but she held her own.”
  • “She didn’t make any major mistakes.”
  • “I think she did a great job of not swallowing her tongue.”
  • “She avoided long answers, which minimized her chances of saying something insanely stupid.”
  • “At least she didn’t promise to invade Russia.”
  • “She won because she didn’t lose tragically.”

To sum up, Talking Points Barbie was selected for the ticket because she’s pretty and holds political and religious views so far to the right she’d make Judge Hathorne nervous (never mind that she couldn’t outwit Kandi from Two and a Half Men). And tonight we’re celebrating how far women have come in America by praising her for not drooling on herself or forgetting what country she lives in?

Fuck all, people – if we wanted to set the bar any lower we’d need a backhoe.

Congratulations. You’ve come a long way, baby.


  • Really? My measure was “oh, you think Biden is your enemy? How do you talk when it’s Medvedev at the other podium?” She didn’t do as poorly as anyone on the Left hoped she would, but she also delivered more of the same. She changed the subject whenever she could and she looked like a deer in headlights most of the night.

    Both candidates succeeded. Biden came across as strong and gracious. Palin didn’t deliver too many huge gaffes. Perhaps her biggest was confusing former White House press secretary Scott McClellan with Afghan top U.S. General David McKiernan. Yeah, the guy who says he feels cheated by the Bush administration vs. the guy who’s saying “I’d like to see if the surge theory works because, damn it, I need troops and resources here, stat!”

    Both camps will claim victory, but by the Eddie Izzard standard, Biden got stronger. He spent more time addressing the camera, looking sharp, and keeping a smooth tone. He got stronger as the debate went along. Palin never lost that “Oh God, here it comes!” look.

    The question about gay marriage hurt. There were a few other small barbs. For the educated moderate, her pronunciation of “NOO-kyoo-lurr” will only tie her to Bush. She didn’t lose cleanly, but she didn’t help her cause. Biden didn’t strike the knockout blow; but then he didn’t need to.

  • all i have to say is “quasi-caved”

    /and “nucular”

  • The Republicans learned from Palin’s recent interview fiascoes that she was okay when spouting the Republican talking points, but she kept stumbling, mumbling and bumbling whenever a follow-up question was asked…so Gwen Ifill only asked lead-in questions and never asked any follow-up questions.

    And already the Republicans are calling for more of the same scripted “debates” between Palin and Biden…with Palin talking from a prepared script and Biden responding from his experience and his heart.

    Sen. Joe Biden did an outstanding job and should tell the Republicans “no thanks,” since only one debate was agreed upon, but offer to have Sen. Hillary Clinton debate Sarah Palin, if Sen. Clinton is interested, that is.

    Now, this would be an interesting debate which would highlight the vapidness of Sarah Palin with the smart, intelligent Sen. Clinton. Besides, Sen. Clinton has had plenty of experience with duplicitous, talking-points-spouting Republicans, so she’d no doubt smoke (like a salmon) Sarah Palin, just like Sen. Biden did.

    Actually, maybe Sen. Biden should accept further debates with Palin, but with the stipulation that the moderator will be someone from “The View.” It’s obvious that the patriotic women on “The View” wouldn’t put up with Palin’s BS, and would ask multiple follow-up questions, putting Palin on the spot…which is exactly what the Republicans hope to avoid.

  • So yous guys don’t think dat she got her finger on da pulse of Main Street den, eh?

    Ya know i’ve had some pretty good political conversations wid da checker down at da IGA in Ishperming, but it don’t mean dat i’d want er to be da president though.

    And i don’t get why da pundits are so impressed dat she can field dress a moose? It can’t be too much different den field dressin’ a deer, and everybody knows how to do dat, don’t yous?

  • Lex, nobody in Brooklyn knows how to field dress a deer, although I bet some of the trannie hookers could make a deer look fantastic.

  • This is a revelation of some kind? Everybody knows that a woman can’t be pretty AND smart.

  • Mike,

    ….i’ve been trying to break the “nucular” habit for 8 long years….


  • Ann said “Everybody knows that a woman can’t be pretty AND smart.”

    Damn, gotta go tell my wife that she’s gotta choose one lest she break some previously unknown law of reality. 🙂

  • As you can tell from the hunchback, single eye and eye-watering body odor, I chose “smart.” Evidently before birth.

    Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?

  • Palin definitely won the “best continuous smirk” award, however.

  • NoOneYouKnow,

    Uh, just a little backwoods humor. But your response brings up an important point. What would the residents of Brooklyn do in the event of serious calamity? What if the trucks can’t bring food? As twisted and terrible as it is, real calamity in America might well mean that the rednecks will inherit the earth…or as i like to call it: The Day of the Jackalope.

    Some of us rednecks will surely do what we can to help you: fix your vehicle, give you shelter, share our food. But i know more than a few who would shoot a starving, trannie hooker on sight (and possibly field dress it) if such a person made it out of the city.

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