Open thread: S&R’s all-time Oscars

As I watched the Oscars last night – or perhaps “endured” is a better word, because Huge Ackman prancing around with his nipples all stiff over the return of The Musical! (come on, just try to say it without Jazz Hands) is more than I can take without a cabinetful of medication – I noted that again Meryl Streep got nominated. (And by the way, now I hear that Beyonce might play Ginger in a Gilligan’s Island movie, which means you won’t even be able escape her ubiquitosity by getting stranded on a goddamned deserted island.)

Back to Meryl, though. Is it just me, or does she get nominated at least once a year? I hadn’t realized how close that is to being literally true until Best Actress winner Kate Winslet pointed out that this was nom #15 for Streep. 15. Damn. The miracle, of course, is that she’s only won twice, because she’s certainly the greatest actress of her generation, and may well be the finest who ever lived.

Streep’s second win was in 1983 for Sophie’s Choice, which I have always regarded as the single greatest performance I’ve ever seen in any film, ever, anywhere, period. I remember seeing it in the theater and when the movie was over having to just sit there a couple minutes and breathe. The film, and her performance especially, had drained me, not only emotionally but physically.

Which has me thinking about something that might be fun here. What are your all-time Oscar faves? For that matter, let’s feel free to include things that didn’t win (or even get nominated), but now, with the perspective afforded by time, perhaps should have.

So, open thread. Your greatest film, director, actor, actress, and supporting actor and actress? In addition to Streep, let me toss the Blade Runner Final Cut into the discussion for Best Film, as well.


  • I have a long list of “best” movies, but the one’s I seem to watch the most are Blade Runner, Patton, and Apocalypse Now. The leads in all three of those movies are probably pretty up there for best actors for me, too. I’m spacin on best female lead because of yer comment about musicals. My Fair Lady, West Side Story, and Victor Victoria are all stuck in my head. Just what I friggin needed before going to bed: Robert Preson singing about Gay Paris. Thanks.

  • Sophie’s Choice haunted me for years. Not a good thing when one is possessed of empathy and sympathy and attempts to walk in another’s shoes.

    In her shoes – to have no choice and seeing my children’s faces before me – I died. It is not possible to get back who I was before I asked the questions of self.

    Sometimes it is better not to watch certain films.

    She is a fine actress and I liked her in the film Mama Mia. And I don’t care that most of the cast could hardly sing.

    As for musicals…

  • Let’s give some comedy’s some credit. After all we generally watch comedy’s multiple times. For example, as much as I loved Schindler’s List, I don’t think I’ve seen it twice.

    Blazing Saddles, Old School, Caddyshack, Vacation and yes my new favorite comedy Grandma’s Boy!

  • Blues Brothers as well

  • I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you over Hugh Jackman’s talent, charm, good nature and pecs.

  • High Anxiety and the rest of Mel Brooks’ oeuvre will always have a place in my heart.

  • Young Frankenstein – the best.

  • Woody Allen’s Deconstructing Harry and Sleeper. But that’s just silly. 🙂

  • I’ll second the Blues Brothers and Blade Runner.

    And although few people may not share the same enthusiasm for Hugh Jackman as others, I’m sure there are at least a few women that would not mind having a rabid “Wolverine” in their pants.

  • Sam is just jealous.

    Hugh Jackman is too damn sexy for this planet. He’s a dangerous narcotic. If he pulled up on a lonely stretch of highway in a beatup truck wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chain saw I would be chanting to myself “I’m married, I’m married” as I happily climbed into the front seat unarmed.

    Best Whatever?
    My Fair Lady
    Cary Grant in anything

    Lara Amber

  • The Lion in Winter – Love Miss Hepburn!
    Philadelphia Story – ”
    Twelve Angry Men
    On Golden Pond
    Me, too, for Mel Brooks – “It’s good to be king” – and that poor piss boy, what a terrible job!
    Paul Newman – ’nuff said
    The Collector
    Dark Victory – Bette Davis. Never can take my eyes off her when she’s on the screen.

    So many movies, so little time.

  • Marg, are you my other personality posting when you have control of our body?

  • Okay, this took more thought than I can generally spare… and a great deal of self-control, not to simply list all my favorite movies.

    Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins, The Remains of the Day
    Best Actress: Maria Falconetti, La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc
    Best Supporting Actor: Montgomery Clift, Judgment at Nuremberg
    Best Supporting Actress: Virginia Weidler, The Philadelphia Story
    Best Film: The Lion in Winter

  • Ooh, you’re making me think. Let’s see…

    The Princess Bride
    Dead Poet’s Society (With Robin Williams as best actor)
    The Shawshank Redemption
    A Beautiful Mind

  • Oh, and for visual effects: What Dreams May Come

  • Oh lets not forget music and effects

    Ben Burtt:He’s invented sounds that people mimic to this day.
    John Williams: He’s “the Beatles” of movie scores.

  • If you’re talking music, gotta include Danny Elfman

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