• Gorgeous…

    …what a ROCKin’ legacy left by Bob.

  • Except for the parts with Bono, it was a great version of a REGGAE song, written by a REGGAE artist.

  • We’re going to have problems with you when U2 shows up in the ToR, aren’t we?

  • Darrell, I said I can’t stand MOST reggae, not all. 🙂 But I have to say that I did find bono to be a bit distracting. He’s TOO big, I guess.

  • Sam: Anytime I can make fun of Bono I will, I actually fully expect to vote for U2. I think I’m one of the few people here that has constantly put aside my personal hatred or an artist.

    Uber: My comment was more a jab at how Bob was put in a “Rock” tourney. I can only take reggae in small doses, or while on vacation in the Bahamas.

  • Most of that was enormously cool. But WTF? Bono? (no, i’m not a U2 fan but this isn’t about that) What i find so engaging about playing for change is that it’s a world-wide collection of unfamous people. It’s as if Bono saw regular people getting famous and thought, “That’s not fair, it should be me!” So he barged in and tried to hog the spotlight.

    And i would have thought he was too busy working on the score for “Spiderman: The Musical”. (Can that be said with a straight face? I still have to believe that it’s a joke.)

  • I was surprised to see Bono in there, too, for the very reason you note. And I knew the haters would go nuts. And, as much as I love Bono, I’m not sure he adds anything here.

    I doubt he barged in, though. My guess is that they asked HIM in an attempt to draw some more attention to the cause.

    They’re touring with PfC and are coming to Denver. Note to self: get tickets.

  • Elaine:

    You can find all links you want that says Bob Marley is rock, and I can find twice as many that say he’s Reggae. What matters most is that other musicians are the ones who categorize him as Reggae, and that’s what I go by. That’s not to say that he didn’t influence rock bands, but his music is simply not Rock.

  • You’re too late…he is up there. Whether you agree or not doesn’t matter.

    But I do like reading about him.

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