Saturday Video Roundup: Gossip

Meet one of my favorite new discoveries of 2k9 – Gossip. I’m still trying to parse everything that’s going on here – seriously, they’re described as “punk,” which they certainly are, but they’re also maybe the best indie party dance band I’ve heard since The B-52s. I’d never have thought you could slam everything from The BellRays to Paula Abdul to Kate Pierson to Yaz to Duffy together and make it work. But somehow, that’s exactly what Beth Ditto and company have done.

Expect to hear more when my year-end “Best CDs of 2009” list drops here in a couple of weeks.

From their 2009 release, Music for Men, this is “Heavy Cross.”

“Keeping You Alive” features puppetry!

Let’s wrap it up Live with Dave:

Happy Saturday, y’all.


  • damn. girl’s got a voice. not sure about the second vid, but the dance stuff kicks ass.

  • cool. i like this. there seems to be a lot of this sort of thing coming up. i would also put New Young Pony Club, Santogold, Spinnerette, and CSS in the same vein. it’s been a long time since music seemed fun. it’s a nice change.

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