Sports Weekend Roundup: Good Times, Bad Times

It was about as good a football weekend as it’s possible to have when none of your teams are left.

  • Hate Kurt Warner: check
  • Hate the Cowboys: check
  • Hate Phil Rivers: check

My hate is strong. BTW, let’s review what I said after last week’s games:

I always try and see how a team reacts after winning an early-round game. I look for teams who are clearly very happy too early. A team that reacts like it accomplished its goal after the first win is usually at a disadvantage against the team that came to win it all.

So tonight I saw that too-happy-too-early look on every Cowboy face they showed. Good news for for the Vikes…..

Damn, but did the Boys look like a team that had already accomplished all its goals last week or what?

And how about Norv Schottenturner, huh?

On the down side, my Deacons have to develop some composure. When you go to Cameron you’re going to have to play 5-on-8 at times, and the zebras are always going to be intimidated by the venue and the homestanding coach. Like they were tonight. Holy crap. So when the refs get that deer-in-the-spotlight look and ignite a big Duke run, you have to find a way to hang in there.

The Deacs ain’t there yet.

BTW, has the ACC announced who’ll be in charge of telling the refs what to do once Krshzchfyszhkevwshkscyki retires?

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