White privilege and the NFL: take a knee, Aaron Rodgers

I’m looking at you Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, Carson Wentz, Rob Gronkowski, Luke Kuechly and Matt Ryan.

If you wanna kiss the sky
better learn how to kneel. – U2

I’m going to show you some pictures. Tell me if you notice anything about them (other than “they’re football players and they’re kneeling”).

NFL players kneeling

NFL players kneeling

NFL players kneeling

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Golf Report: Old white guy calls 911 because black women aren’t playing fast enough

Coulda asked to play through. Just saying.

Did you see this bullshit?

Man who called police on black golfers: No weapons involved “other than her mouth”

YORK, Pa. — A man who called police on a group of black women golfers accused of playing too slowly at a Pennsylvania golf club denied to dispatchers that he was acting out of racism. Grandview Golf Club in York issued an apology following the April 21 incident. The women were club members and have described the experience, which began at the second hole, as demeaning and discriminatory.

In one of two recordings of 911 calls to police posted by the York Daily Record, the caller says the group was “holding everybody up” and one of the women accused the golf club of racism.

The caller told a dispatcher, “We have a tough situation here with a group of golfers that decides they don’t want to abide by the rules.”

Asked if the gofers had any weapons, Chronister said: “It’s even worse than that, but anyway I can’t …”

He then said no weapons were involved “other than her mouth.”

Steve Chronister
Steve Chronister

Let me begin with a few caveats. I don’t know how slowly the women were playing. I don’t know if the guy is racist. I don’t know what the woman said or if her tongue is weapons grade. Continue reading “Golf Report: Old white guy calls 911 because black women aren’t playing fast enough”


NFL national anthem policy: institutionalized racism strikes back?

Lions during national anthem

I have smart, strongly progressive friends who don’t see the national anthem issue the way I do. Here’s an exchange between one of my closest friends and me on the subject, with some discussion about pragmatism and idealism…

Yesterday, in the wake of the newly announced NFL policy on the national anthem, I posted this to Facebook:

Okay, I need someone to convince me not to boycott the NFL at least until they decide that domestic abuse is worse than speaking out against injustice.


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ESPN gargles Tiger Woods some more

Ladies and gentlemen, the deepest throat in the history of sports journalism.


Read yesterday’s rant. Then check this.

ESPN sucks Tiger Woods' dick

Tiger is tied for 40th, 18 shots back, but that’s okay. He’s still the story. The only story. We’re assured, further down the screen, that [f]or Tiger, par 72 in Round 3 ranks as progress. Even better, if Patrick Reed wins, it will be because he wants to be like Tiger so it will be almost the same as if Tiger won himself! Continue reading “ESPN gargles Tiger Woods some more”


As long as Tiger Woods is drawing breath, ESPN is going to have Patrick Reed in witness protection.

Patrick Reed can’t catch a break with the Morthership, no matter how good he is. Here’s a screenshot of this morning’s ESPN above-the-fold malpractice:

Tiger Woods Patrick Reed

Reed leads at 9-under, but the real story is Tiger Woods, who barely made the cut. Look – there is accomplishment in his struggles. Pimping ain’t easy for a hustler having to squeak by on $740M. Continue reading “Hey ESPN – WHO’S LEADING THE MASTERS?”

Kaepernick vs very fine people respect-the-flag

Dolphins owner to players: on your feet, niggers [UPDATED]

UPDATE – 12:53 pm MST: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross now says he won’t make players stand for the anthem.

Ross’ comments Tuesday in a statement released by the Dolphins came after the New York Daily News reported that he said all of the team’s players will stand for the anthem in 2018. Ross was in New York on Monday to be honored by the Jackie Robinson Foundation and receive its ROBIE Lifetime Achievement Award.

”I have no intention of forcing our players to stand during the anthem, and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued,” Ross said in his statement.

If you’re confused, join the club. In the audio, available on the Daily News site, Ross clearly says “all our players will be standing.”

It’s hard to know what to make of it all. It’s odd that “I won’t make players stand” would get “misconstrued” to “I will make players stand,” especially since it’s on tape. The way he shapes that sentence, though – he doesn’t regret that he said what he said. He regrets that what he said was misconstrued. By other people. To mean, well, what he said.

Regardless, the irony is thick enough to choke a moose. On a couple of accounts. First, as noted above, he was being presented an award by the Jackie Robinson Foundation. And second, a rich white guy being afforded the chance to “clarify” what he meant, in a story about how institutional racism deprives black people of the right to mean what they mean … you can’t make this stuff up.

Read on.

I don’t want to deprive people of their right to express themselves fairly, so hopefully we’ll have resolution at some point. If Ross is innocent, I’ll happily retract the vitriol I aim at him below.


Kaepernick vs very fine people respect-the-flag

Because massa said so, that’s why.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says all players on his team will stand for the national anthem starting next season.

“All of our players will be standing,” Ross told the New York Daily News on Monday.

“Initially, I totally supported the players in what they were doing,” Ross said. “It’s America, and people should be able to really speak about their choices.”

But Ross told the newspaper he came to the standing decision because he felt the message being sent by kneeling players was unpatriotic and anti-military, an interpretation that was taken by President Donald Trump.

Don't shootFuck Colin Kaepernick and all the rest of them uppity negroes. The protests were about DISRESPECTING THE MILITARY BECAUSE TRUMP SAID SO.

Here’s your free speech and expression in America, bitches: If you do something, you aren’t the one who gets to decide why you did it and what it means. It doesn’t matter what the darkies think they mean, what matters is how massa “interprets” it.

BLACK PERSON: I think Plilando Castille’s killing was a crime.
WHITE RULING CLASS: How dare you disrespect the military!

It’s sort of unreconstructed Colonialism and runaway Postmodernism all at once, init? (Sorry, the book learnin’ got the best of me for a second there…) Continue reading “Dolphins owner to players: on your feet, niggers [UPDATED]”

Colin Kaepernick

S&R Honors: Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Justice. Fairness. Sacrifice. Service. Humility. Aren’t these qualities on which we Americans pride ourselves?

Few people were more in the news in 2017 than former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the man who touched off a massive cultural battle over his decision to kneel for the playing of the national anthem during the 2016 season. Oddly, he continued to dominate the headlines despite a conscious decision to stay out of the limelight, where he could better focus on his community and charitable activities.

Demonized, misrepresented and targeted with death threats … for what? Continue reading “S&R Honors: Colin Kaepernick”

Would Hope Solo make a good USSF president?


Former US Women’s National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo announced this week she will run for president of the United States Soccer Federation. The initial response has been … dismissive.

Solo is rightfully regarded as a #USWNT legend (with two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup championship over a 16-year career than included 202 caps), but she has also developed a somewhat spotted reputation in the eyes of many for a series of off-field incidents. It’s safe to say that her personal brand has suffered in recent years despite her status as a national sports icon. Continue reading “Would Hope Solo make a good USSF president?”


Messi and Ronaldo stay home? How to make sure all the best players go to the World Cup.

As qualifying wraps up this week, we’re staring at the very real possibility next year’s FIFA World Cup will be staged without Lionel Messi and/or Cristiano Ronaldo. That the greatest competition in world sports, save possibly the Olympics, would fail to … Continue reading Messi and Ronaldo stay home? How to make sure all the best players go to the World Cup.


Premier League TV income impasse: are we on the brink of an all-Euro Super League?

European-Football-Super-LeagueControversy over how to divvy up the revenues means uncertainty in England. The outcome of these deliberations could move us closer to a European SuperLiga including the big six Prem clubs (and maybe more than that)…

A couple years ago I wrote about the prospects for a European football SuperLigaThis is hardly a new idea (with Marca suggesting it’s a when-not-if, and perhaps sooner-rather-than-later situation) but at that point I was considering the massive infusion of cash into the English Premier League courtesy of its new TV deals and speculating that as a result the rest of the leagues in Europe would soon have no choice but to form a continental Super League. Continue reading “Premier League TV income impasse: are we on the brink of an all-Euro Super League?”


Once NCAA bribery investigation is done, can we have a look at Congress?


I’m glad the US Attorney and FBI are cleaning up the big-money college sports cesspool, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to America’s real corruption.

First, good on the FBI and US Attorney’s office. But I’m glad someone with a platform larger than mine is pointing out the obvious: Continue reading “Once NCAA bribery investigation is done, can we have a look at Congress?”