S&R wants to know: what are YouTube’s greatest hits?

In recent years YouTube has become the videographer of record for the sum total of human craziness. And brilliance. And stupidity. And WTFedness. And creativity. And … well, you get the idea. Several times a day, it seems, somebody e-mails or links or embeds a vid from YouTube that has us laughing, cringing, crying, throwing things, and most of all, e-mailing, linking or embedding the video along to our friends.

So let’s have some open thread fun. Tell us what you think is the greatest thing you’ve seen on YouTube. Or the worst, or the most appalling, whatever.

I’ll go first, and I’ll offer up this, which I thought of again last night when a Facebook exchange brought another member of the Appalachian State University community to my attention.

(I should probably ban fikshun from this thread because he’s going to link stuff that’s unduly traumatic. But this is the interwebs – you pays your money and takes your chances.)


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