Wednesday Video Roundup: S&R’s 2010 Platinum LP award winners take the stage

Yesterday S&R revealed its Best of 2010 Platinum LPs. Since, as a famous man once said, “you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine aimed at your average teen,” today we’re going to offer you some sounds. And sights. Click. Enjoy. And if you like what you hear click back over to yesterday’s post where we have linked to more information and samples.

Up first: the inimitable Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings:

Sometimes it’s hard to even try being objective when you love something as much as I love The Birthday Massacre.

The Gaslight Anthem made a lot of year-end best of lists, including this one.

A few months ago S&R interviewed Danielle Kimak Stauss of Rabbit Velvet. Great interview, great CD.

And now, New Young Pony Club. It’s 1983 and we’re dancing….

Bettye LaVette is singing. Pete Townshend is thinking damn, if I’d had her instead of Daltrey I could have really made something of my career.

It’s been a rough emotional patch for E, but it’s gonna be okay. I’m down with that.

Two Door Cinema Club is best new indie pop act I’ve heard since Phoenix. In fact, I think I like them even better. You’re free to make up your own mind, though.

Curve’s Toni Halliday is back as Chatelaine. Sadly, she doesn’t yet seem to be back with any real video. You can at least listen, though.

Another not-a-real-video, but The Scottish Enlightenment is still worth the listen.

And let’s close with one of my absolute favorites of the year. This is why people use terms like “wide-screen” to describe a sound.


  • Patrick Vecchio

    I eagerly await your pronouncement that “The Surburbs,” by Arcade Fire, was the CD of the year for 2010.

  • Don’t hold your breath. I mean, I know a lot of people I respect think highly of them, but I’m damned if I have ever been able to understand the fascination myself.

    I do expect my CD of the Year to provide something for just about everybody to snipe at, though… 🙂

  • I like “The Suburbs”. Unfortunately, it’s already turning out to be a great year for music. My list isn’t Sam’s but I’ve already heard 3 discs that I’d put ahead of Arcade Fire’s.

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