Saturday Video Roundup: Something is bitchin’ in the state of Denmark

When we think about rock & roll and its various derivative styles, we pretty much think of the US and UK. And why not – just about every thread of the popular music universe has arisen in one of the two countries. But when you invent something cool, everybody is going to want to play, which is why you can find outstanding acts from all over the world these days.

This morning I was trying to decide what CD to pick up to round out my monthly eMusic selections and I noticed that I had saved The Asteroids Galaxy Tour for further review. Funky, trippy CD, sorta like Saint Etienne high on an Ecstasy/Nitrous Oxide cocktail. I had wondered about their background, so I hit teh Googles and discovered that hey, they’re from Copenhagen. Which made me think – there are some other Danish bands I like a lot, too. So let’s take a few minutes and celebrate the Danes, shall we? (All of them except Pay Lars, anyway – he got his.)

AGT is up first. The song is “The Golden Age,” and it ain’t just a Heineken commercial.

One of the best CDs of the year so far comes from a band that’s been very, very good for several years now, The Raveonettes.

Here’s Mew, a band I don’t know a lot about, but thanks to some recommendations they have been on my “to explore” list for awhile. Today’s as good a day as any.

Volbeat is a little bit of Elvis, a little bit of Johnny Cash and a smidgen of we’re going to stomp your balls off.

Hey, check it – they apparently have garages in Denmark, too! This is something fun from Blue Van. Reminds me a little of Jet.

For some reason, I always thought Carpark North was English. I was wrong, and I’m genuinely sorry about it.

Let’s end with a gratuitous, totally uncalled for moment. White Lion hailed from New York, but guitarist and songwriter Mike Tramp was from – you guessed it – Danmark!

Happy Saturday, and a happy holiday weekend to everyone.


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