#Occupy Van Halen?

This morning I took a few minutes to watch the vid for the new Van Halen single, “Tattoo.” I was a little startled, in the final verse, to encounter these lyrics:

Uncle Danny, had a coal tattoo.
He fought for the unions,
Some of us still do.
On my shoulder is the number
of the chapter he was in.
That number is forever
like the struggle here to win.

I had never thought of VH as a political band, so I did some snooping. Couldn’t find a lot. Various Wikipedia items indicate that:

  • The VH brothers have supported Democratic candidates.
  • The band shut down John McCain’s use of “Right Here, RIght Now” at campaign stops.
  • Former singer Sammy Hagar supported Dubya, but in 1984 they changed the video for their live shows in a way that perhaps indicated regret. This is unclear.

In any case, these new lyrics look pretty damned #Occupy to me and I’m wondering if any of our readers can fill in the blanks.

Meanwhile, here’s the video. When I heard the band was reuniting my expectations couldn’t have been much lower. This, though, I like. They seem to be pillaging their old outtakes, for material, though, which bothers some people. Not me so much. If I have a scrap of something I wrote 20 years ago that didn’t quite fit, I promise you, I’m still looking for an opportunity to sneak it in somewhere….


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