Komen Foundation pretends to change its mind. One corporate communications executive wonders: is the public stupid enough to buy it?

Read. The language. Closely.

Contrary to what Komen’s highly-paid PR crisis hacks and gullible headline writers at newsdesks around the nation would ask you to believe, The Susan G. Komen Foundation does NOT promise to fund Planned Parenthood in the future. They promise to let PP APPLY for grants in the future. Applying and receiving are different things, as anyone who ever applied and got rejected for a job ought to know.

I have some experience in the world of corporate communications, folks. Lots and lots, in fact, and I’ve been inside a Fortune 150 war room when the wheels flew off. Today’s media charade is an attempt to get the heat off  as soon as possible. Textbook stuff.

The announcement is timed beautifully – just before Super Bowl Weekend – and they’re hoping that the combination of the pretend apology and the big game will insure that, come Monday morning, nobody will remember what they did. They can then find a reason to deny those future Planned Parenthood grant apps when nobody is paying much attention.

So, America – how stupid are you?

If you want Komen to do the right thing, demand that they fire their aggressively anti-abortion president and their anti-abortion board and that they work with non-partisan health and women’s groups to replace them with leaders who will put the well being of American women first.

Anything short of that plays right into the hands of those who’d hold breast cancer victims hostage to a social conservative political agenda.


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