Saturday Video Roundup: deconstruction angels (mash my bitch up)

The Internet era (and the age of PostModernism in general) has given the world a lot of garbage. But damned if the proliferation of electronic technology hasn’t produced some freakin’ awesome moments, too. Like this, which was sent my way by our buddy Frank Balsinger. One of the absolute best mashups I’ve ever seen.

Then you come across something like this, which manages to make an interesting pastiche out of what’s mostly a hot mess of prefabricated music-like product. The whole is a boatload more than the sum of the parts, to the point that it almost behaves like a whole new art form. What the fuck, indeed?

One thing I love about the mashup art form is just how often The Beatles seem to turn up. How wonderful is it that deconstruction artists 45 years on still recognize transcendent greatness. I can’t help thinking that John would have liked this. Paul, of course, would have wished he’d thought of it first.

This, though, is simply ridiculous. You been Kurt-Rolled, bitches.

Again, who thinks this shit up? Sail my bitch away, I guess…..

Let’s leave you with something that’s simply inspired. I mean, come on Grammy organizers, make this collaboration happen on next year’s show.

Happy Saturday, everybody. Enjoy the sunshine….


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