Saturday Video Roundup: the world’s smartest animals

I know that humans are the pinnacle of intellectual life on Planet Earth (well, unless you believe Douglas Adams, anyway). But there are some awfully smart animals out there, too. Today’s SVR, which pays tribute to our furry and feathery fellow travelers, begins with the Shaun White of the animal kingdom.

Here’s the bird that starred in all those Police Academy movies.

As this next vid demonstrates, being smart doesn’t mean that you aren’t a thieving miscreant. Kinda like people.

Lemurs were big stars in Madagascar. Expect them to actually produce and direct in the future.

Cattle dogs are nuts. But they’re smart as hell.

Finally, you probably know that most border collies are smarter than their owners. But what about sheep rabbits?

So be nice to animals. You don’t want to be on their list when the revolution comes.

Happy Saturday…..

Hat tip to Lex for the idea here…..


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