TunesDay: Ryan Shaw is in the house

The new Ryan Shaw CD dropped today and I’m giddy as a schoolgirl at her first sock hop. Shaw has one of the absolute best pure voices in the entire neo-Soul genre – maybe the best. It’s like listening to Otis or Marvin or Wilson Pickett or, in more recent days, the criminally underappreciated Malford Milligan.

Still on my first listen, but in the meantime how about I share the wonderfulness with the S&R community?  Here’s “Karina.”

And the slightly smokier “Evermore.”

This one isn’t on the CD, but let’s listen to it anyway. (If you want to skip the intro and go straight to the song, that happens around 1:30 in.)

It’s remarkable to find yourself in the presence of something special, isn’t it?

The CD, entitled, Real Love, is available at eMusic, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


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