Folks, this was just one of those incredible moments in sports. I don’t use phrases like “destiny” or “fate” because they’re as silly as thinking God wants your team to win. But even the skeptics at Napoli, Barca and now Bayern have to be asking themselves if somebody at Chelsea hired a witch to employ some sort of black magic voodoo fuckery on the team.

Put simply – and I say this with all due respect to the Chelsea players – there is NO FECKIN’ WAY that the Blues should have been able to come back from the hole Napoli had them in in the quarter-finals. The semi-final Barcelona tie was a Miracle on Ice moment if ever there were one. And when Petr Cech saved Arjen Robben’s penalty in extra time today Munich fans had to be reflecting back on the Barcelona/Chelsea matches and thinking that they had seen this movie before. And that it didn’t turn out well for the team Chelsea was playing.

My voice is just about gone. I hope those of you who watched the match did so in environments as charged as the British Bulldog here in Denver. There were moments where the place simply went white with noise and we Chelsea fans were literally still singing, laughing, screaming, crying, dancing, hugging and kissing each other 15 minutes after the final whistle.

I’ve been trying to come up with a post that explains how the passion behind Euro (and world) football doesn’t really map onto the American experience. So far I’m at a loss for words. In any case, I hope all our readers have occasion to be as insanely, irrationally, deliriously happy over their teams as I am about mine today.

Here’s a shout-out to the Rocky Mountain Blues: KTBFFH….

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