How digital is transforming politics: a special report from Mashable that’s well worth a look

Unless you’ve been off-world for a few years, it’s not news that electronic media technologies are exerting a dramatic impact on our political sphere. However, being generally aware of the fact and having a more detailed understanding of the hows and whys, that’s another thing.

Our good friend Josh Catone and his colleagues over at Mashable have just released a fantastic series ( entitled Politics Transformed: The High Tech Battle for Your Vote, and to say it’s illuminating is to badly understate the case. Some of the specific issues addressed include:

  • How Close Are We to Internet Voting?
  • How Crowdfunding Is Rewriting the Campaign Finance Playbook
  • Digital Campaigning: Meet the Marketing Wizards of D.C.
  • Voter Data: What the Candidates Know About You
  • Can Targeted Ads Save Millions of Campaign Dollars?
  • How Social Media Can Safeguard Your Vote
  • How to Market the Next President
  • The Rise of Mobile in Election 2012
  • Election 2040: The First President for Digital Natives
  • Social Is the Secret Weapon in Local Politics
  • Gaffesplosion: The Unrelenting Hype of Modern Politics
  • Can Social Media Really Boost Voter Turnout?
  • Why Big Data Falls Short of Its Political Promise

This is why we love Mashable. Consider this special report recommended.

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