It’s the end of the world: how will you spend it?

As you probably already know, the world ends tomorrow. If you didn’t know this, you might want to Google “Mayan calendar” and start getting right with Jesus. Anyhow, the end of the world is a pretty big deal, and we’d like to know how you plan on spending it. Also, we want to know how you’d spend it if you had your druthers. No answer is too fanciful, too fantastic, too outlandish. I mean, take a swing here, folks. The world will be over, so it’s not like anybody will be able to hold you accountable, right?

I’ll go first. What I’d like to be doing when the world ends… For dinner I’d like a big cut of prime rib from the Chop House, start it rare, then pan-blackened. Bourbon Stout. And I’d like a taste of Port Ellen, to boot. For dessert a generous helping of bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and bourbon sauce. After dinner, I’d like to retire for the duration with the lovely Kaley Cuoco. Oh hell, dream big, Sam. Kaley Cuoco and Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone and Stana Katic.

What I probably will be doing is watching TV with the dog. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Your turn.

And now, let’s hear from some of our favorite musical artists. Here’s REM:

And Rob Dickinson, with a romantic take for those of you lucky enough to be ending it all with the one you love.

So, bye, I guess. It’s been nice knowing everybody.


  • Prolly stuck in an effing airport.

  • I’m looking forward to not paying off my student loans. Fingers crossed the Mayans were right.

  • Shit. I’m spending the end of the world driving 500 miles to the coast of New Hampshire. If the end’s going to come, please make it in the morning. I could save gas money.

  • I will be in my office. I’ll schedule REM to play at 11:11.

  • I guess it’s logical that the apocalypse commences at approx midnight American Central time, since that’s just about where the Mayans used to live. So – seven or eight hours from now? Guess I’ll have one final breakfast then. Upside is I won’t have to worry about all the debts. Downside – I’ll never get to know whether I got that dream job I was interviewed for.

  • December 21st, 2012, 12:37 PM: lovely snowy day here in the Blue Ridge…looks like a white Christmas for us. Irving Berlin/Bing Crosby 1, Mayans, 0…..

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