• Rock music needed a good kick and they were the answer…it could use another one today.

    • There’s a lot of great music out there today, but I hear where you’re coming from. We’re in an era of recycling. Even the best stuff tends to be a generational update of an older style. Actually, this was predicted. If you read Howe and Strauss on generations, their analysis told us to expect this way back in the early ’90s. If they continue to be as right as they have been so far, the next big thing won’t be happening again for another 20 years.

      The good news is that a lot of today’s indie is working off of interesting movements from the past. Like the whole post-Punk derived strain.

      • Yes, there is plenty of great music out there and Indie seems to be fueling the way in this fragmented iPod era. I also like the new brand of comfort-folk with the likes of Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers. But that great giant wave of sound that washed everything away and woke everyone up like that 90’s classic would be something to experience again.

      • I hear you. For me the big shakeup moment was late 70s Punk and New Wave.

      • No arguments here as The Clash are my “soul” band. You Know-That one group that somehow gets attached to your DNA when you discover them or they find you. And even though I hate nostalgia, at those weak moments when I do indulge…it is Joe Strummer and the boys.

  • Beginning of the end, or beginning of the beginning..who cares, so long as we have music that eats a hole into your heart and leaves you gasping for air! All great music has the power to move something deep in your spirit. It matters not if it is classical, country, rock, grunge, etc. The internalization of the emotions it produces is the important element.

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