The MSNBC/Melissa Harris-Perry/Mitt Romney black grandchild manufactroversy: dear media – please shut the fuck up

Apparently a media personality is being forced to apologize for allegedly “insulting” Mitt Romney’s adoptive black grandchild.

Here’s the photo that launched a thousand outrages:

No, wait. That’s not it. Ah, here it is:

They’re lucky I wasn’t the host, because I’d still be laughing and mocking. No, I wouldn’t be mocking the kid. I’d be mocking Romney. I’d be making jokes about the GOP’s diversity mission. I’d be saying things like “finally, a Negro that the Republicans care about.”

Would I apologize? Bitch, please. It’s not my fault that the photo is funny as hell, and if you don’t want me to laugh don’t tell me a joke. If you don’t want me to mock you, then maybe you can start by giving me less to mock.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a retweet.

Jesus is coming, children, and he’s swarthy as hell.


  • I`m clueless about American politics. And maybe this has nothing got to do with politics anyway. But why are the kids in some kind of uniform? And why is it some kind of Ralph Lauren look for the boys? And the girls get to hold the babies and not the boys? Well, apart from Mitt…

  • Love the matching outfits!

  • Yeah, it’s sort of like that old joke that any white person who brags “I have one black friend” is about as racist as racist can be – put that person’s picture over the word “racist” in the online encyclopedia. Very funny. It’s good to start the new year off with a good laugh.

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