Finally, Kim Jong-Un gets his John F. Kennedy moment

Video: Dennis Rodman sings “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong-Un

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Happy Birthday, Supreme Leader.

Let’s recap.

Marilyn Monroe Dennis Rodman

And a very happy birthday from Scholars & Rogues, Mr. Kim. In the coming year we hope you get everything that you deserve.

Jesus is coming children, and he’s wearing a feather boa.


  • dennis, matt burke, evander holyfield, dennis…..101 reasons why athletes should never, ever be allowed within 200 feet of a microphone. better to let pedophiles hang out in playgrounds

  • I was disappointed the complete game wasn’t shown. I think the NK point guard was doing an excellent job defending comrade Rodman. I would have also liked to see some cheerleaders in state- approved fabric and length. I congratulate comrade Rodman on his singing especially since it was in Korean (I think) and the well dressed crowd with impeccable manners is a lesson we all can learn from. Apparently these folks know how to hold their liquor and are well medicated for depression. Wishing you the best in your practice of proper mental hygiene.

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