The grimm reality of Matthew Grimm: Saturday Video Roundup

It’s Matt Grimm Day at S&R and we’re celebrating music with a social conscience. Join us?

Matthew GrimmWe love great bands and artists of all stripes around here, but by now it’s probably no secret that we’re champions of the overlooked genius. I don’t know. Maybe I’m projecting because I think more people ought to pay attention to me and as such I identify with those who don’t get the credit they deserve.

Whatever. My personal narcissism issues notwithstanding, our friend Matthew Grimm is a recording artist whose talent merits the attention of a very large audience. He’s a fantastic tunesmith, a deft lyricist, and unlike way too many of today’s prefabricated pop stars, he has a keen – and frequently pissed off – sense of justice. For lack of a better term, let’s say that Matt has a soul.

Today’s SVR celebrates Matthew Grimm and we’ll lead off with his brand new video for “Real Americans.” Maybe you can check the lyrics, too.

Then there’s “Enemy.” Starting to get the idea that Matt understands Americans better than our leaders do?

Finally, we’ll close with an ode to the 99%.

We love Matthew Grimm’s music and we respect the hell out of what  he stands for. Long may he rage.

Happy Saturday.


Visit GrimmReality,net and maybe buy Songs in the Key of Your Face. It’s awesome.

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