Beat the Meetles: Beatles mashup mania (Saturday Video Roundup)

The Beatles have collaborated with some of the world’s most popular artists through the years.

Mashups have become their own art form, and perhaps nobody has been more important to perfecting the genre than The Beatles. Take their famous collaboration with Motley Crue.

I was actually at the Beatles/Queen show the night they first did this.

Very few people realize that Led Zeppelin opened a few shows for The Fabs. They used to get both bands on the stage together and do “Whole Lotta Skelter” as the final encore.

They even worked with contemporary artists like Pharrell.

Their duet with R&B icons The Jackson 5 was legendary.

Without The Beatles you might never have heard of Metallica.

This one with a-Ha was probably The Beatles’ biggest hit of the ’80s.

That’s it for another week. Happy Saturday, yo.


  • I’d refer you to Nick Hornby’s comment on this – it’s in the piece on Hornby’s essay collection SONGBOOK:

    He refers to this mash-up crap as the triumph of the fan as artist – and I don;t think he finds it an especially helpful breakthrough in the history of art…

    And Motley Crue is a bridge too far…just sayin’….

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